7440 with Inductive Ring Sensor

Inductive Ring Sensor & Fiber Optic Sensor


Inductive Ring Sensor Alarm available for 7430, 7440 Series

Inductive Ring Sensor 7440 Series flowmeters with metallic floats can be ordered with an inductive ring sensor that is able to detect a predetermined rate of flow and is compatible with stainless steel or Carboloy floats only. Inductive ring sensors are 2-wire, DC, low current devices and are designed to be used with a remote intrinsic safety barrier /switch isolator. Sensors are available as either proximity or latching devices. The sensor can be positioned to trigger at any point on the scale. It is able to detect the metal float by producing an electromagnetic field that senses the float within its sensing zone.

The inductive sensor connects to a barrier/switch isolator which powers the sensor and provides the desired switching option. Barrier/switch isolators are available with 220VAC, 110VAC or 24VDC supply voltage requirements, contain single pole double throw (SPDT) relays, and are DIN rail mountable. See barrier/switch isolator specifications for electrical connections and further details.

Maximum operating temperature 40° C for 1/8” float; 70° C for 1/4” float. Note: We can supply the safety barriers/switch isolators upon request. User must provide the power supply voltage.

Note: We can supply the safety barriers/switch isolators upon request. User must provide the power supply voltage.



Inductive Proximity or Latching

Supply Voltage

5-25V DC (Switch Isolator)



Output Load Current

<=1 mA – Float Present

>= 3 mA (15 mA max) – Float Absent

Switching Frequency

2 kHZ

Housing Rating



PVC Covered, 2 Conductor, 26 AWG, 6.5 Feet Long. Brown (+), Blue (–)

Pepperl & Fuchs Ring Sensor Approvals

UL: General Purpose

FM: Intrinsically Safe

CSA: Intrinsically Safe

CENELEC: Intrinsically Safe

Electrical Connections

See barrier/switch isolator specifications for details.


The fiber optic alarm sensor is an available option for all 7440 Series flowmeters and is compatible with all float materials except sapphire.  The sensor is used to detect a predetermined rate of flow. The sensor can interface directly to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or when connected to a separate relay can trigger a local or remote alarm.

The fiber optic sensor is mounted in a junction box attached to the side of the  flowmeter. The sensor uses a pair of fiber optic cables, an emitter and receiver, to transmit the light generated by the sensor. Note: Maximum operating temperature 131° F.


Supply Voltage

10-30 VDC

Supply Current

25 mA


NPN Sinking, N.O. & N.C.

PNP Sourcing, N.O. & N.C.

Output Rating

150 mA Max Total Load

Output Response Time


Off State Leakage Current


Output Saturation Voltage

< 1 V at 10 mA DC

< 1.5 V at 150 mA DC


0.25 ms

Housing Rating

IP67; NEMA 6

Operating Temperature

-5° to +131° F