7750 with Inductive Slot Sensor

Inductive Slot Sensor 

Inductive Slot Sensor alarm available for 7710, 7720, 7750 Series

All 7710, 7720 and 7750 Series flowmeters may be fitted with one inductive slot sensor.

Inductive sensors are 2-wire, DC low current devices and are designed to be used with a remote barrier/switch isolator capable of powering the sensor and providing the desired switching option(s). Barrier/switch isolators are available with 220 VAC, 110 VAC or 24 VDC supply voltage requirements, contain single pole, double throw (SPDT) relays, and are DIN rail mountable. (Only 24 VDC units are actually powered by the rail.) See barrier/switch isolator specifications for electrical connections and further details.

The operating temperature range for this sensor is -13° F to158° F (-25° C to 70° C).

Note: We can supply the isolator / barrier upon request, but the user must provide the power supply voltage.




Supply Voltage

5-25V DC (Switch Isolator)



Output Load Current

<=1 mA – Float Present

>= 3 mA (15 mA Max.) –Float Absent

Switching Frequency

5 kHZ

Housing Rating



2 Conductor, NAMUR, Pos = Brown, Neg.= Blue


#1=Pos., #2=Neg.

Pepperl & Fuchs Slot Sensor Approvals:

UL: General Purpose

FM: Intrinsically Safe

CSA: Intrinsically Safe

CENELEC: Intrinsically Safe

Optional 4-20 mA Transmitter for 7710, 7720, 7750

To Convert the measured flow into a 4-20 mAdc signal, an angle of rotation transmitter is mounted to the indicator. This device is factory calibrated to ensure accuracy and should only be adjusted by King Instrument Company.

The proper and safe operation of the device requires that the specific listed below are not exceeded:


Power Supply

12 to 33Vdc

Maximum Current Consumption


Temperature Limits

-13° to 158° F ( -25° to 70° C)


4 to 20 mAdc


<= 0.5%


± 0.4%

Influence From Bearing

± 0.1%

Temperature Influence (ambient)

± 0.3% per degree C

Power Supply Influence

± 0.1%

Load Resistance Influence

± 0.1% at R max.


Transmitter Layout Rear View

Zero: Potentiometer P1 for zero point

SPAN: Potentiometer P2 for measuring range and value

1: Zero point mark on transmitter housing

2: Zero point mark on transmitter shaft

S1: Switch for reversing rotation (Not Applicable)

2 - Wire Connection