Silver Series with Latching Reed Switch

Latching Reed Switch 

Latching Reed Switch alarm available for the Silver Series

The latching reed switch is an available option for the Silver Series Flowmeter.

The switch assembly is mounted on the side of the metering tube by a dovetail or guide rod. The switch can be positioned to trip at any point on the scale.

The switch is a reed type and uses a biassing magnet to give it the latching feature. The float contains hermetically sealed magnet(s), so when the float comes in close proximity to the switch it closes and remains closed (latched) when the float moves below the switch it resets itself. Multiple switches can be used.

Operating temperature range is -40° C to 125° C.



Switch Type



4W Max

Switching Voltage

30VDC Max

Breakdown Voltage

200VDC Min

Switching Current

0.2 A Max

Carry Current

1.4 A Max

Initial Contact Resistance

.020 OHM Max @50% Magnetic Overdrive


Single Switch

Dual Switch

1(+), 2(-)

High Switch
1(+), 2(-)

Low Switch
4(+), 5(-)