7330 with Latching Reed Switch

Latching Reed Switch

Latching Reed Switch Alarm available for 7310, 7330, 7470, 7480, 7610, 7910 Series

A latching reed switch is available for 7310, 7330, 7470, 7480, 7610, 7910 Series flowmeters. Operating temperature range is -40° C to 125° C.

The switch assembly is mounted on the side of the metering tube by a dovetail or guide rod. The switch can be positioned to trip at any point
on the scale.

The switch is a reed type and uses a biassing magnet to give it the latching feature. The float contains hermetically sealed magnet(s), so when the float comes in close proximity to the switch it closes and remains closed (latched) when the float moves past the switch. When the flow returns to normal and the float moves below the switch it resets itself. Multiple switches can be used.


Switch Type

SPDT, Latching

Max Contact Voltage

100 VDC

Max Contact Current

0.2 A DC

Max Contact Power

4 Watts DC

Breakdown Voltage

200 VDC

Initial Contact Resistance

0.15 OHMS

Standard Pull-In Range

15-40 ampere turns

Intrinsically Safe Wiring

With switch Isolator 3 conductor,
22 Awg, 2’ long

  1. White, N.O. switch output 1
  2. Red, common
  3. Black, N.C. switch output 2

Switch Isolator Option

Latching reed switches can be used as stand alone devices, or may be connected to a switch isolator for intrinsically safe applications. The purpose of the switch isolator is to supply electrical signals between safe and hazardous areas in either direction while limiting the amount of energy that can be transferred even under fault conditions. Switch isolators are available with 220 VAC, 110 VAC or 24 VD supply voltage requirements, contain single pole double throw (SPDT) relays, and are DIN rail mountable. See switch isolator specifications for electrical connections and further details.